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How interested merchant joins CUP DNA Mobile Payment services?
A. Fill and submit the "Application Form for CUP DNA Mobile Payment Services,".
B. Create account for merchant after such application is approved by CUP. 
C. The Company will provide trainings, activate administration account and functions after online. Merchant can also call to our hotline, 95192, for further supports and enquiry.

How to activate DNA Mobile Payment services? 
A. Merchant receives approval notification by SMS; 
B. Merchant shall make a call to 4006-288298 by using the registered telephone number: 
(A) Press 【2】 for entering the registered menu;
(B) Press 【2】 for entering the activation menu;
(C) Enter the 12 digits merchant number; 
(D) After verified the merchant number, merchant shall key in 6 digits registry key twice. The services will be activated after the registry key is correctly entered. 

How to log in the website of DNA Mobile Payment? 
Browse the website of http://www.dna-pay.com and enter the user name (i.e. the registered mobile phone number during registration) and login password. 

Where merchant can place purchase order? 
A. Website: http://www.dna-pay.com 
B. WAP: http://www.dna-pay.com/wap 
C. The delegated interface between the merchant and the system.

Why cannot make a phone call to the customer during transactions?
No signal; 
Cardholder's phone is off; 
Cardholders is on the phone

After received the notification for approval via text message, but cannot activate successfully with the reminder that "not yet approved" or "illegal login"? 
Firstly, merchant should check the merchant code. Then, merchant can call to our services hotline 95192 

What if the computer is down during processing an order? 
Merchant can login DNA Mobile Payment website (http://www.dna-pay.com) to check the order status and see if purchase order is paid successfully, or can call and check with our services hotline 95192. 

What is the difference of cancel order and refund? 
1. Cancellation is for an order which not yet paid but under processing. 
2. Refund is for an order that payment is made. 

How other staff makes order apart from the person in charge? 
Person in Charge can log in the website to add the right to other staff

Why refund fails?
1. Cardholder phone not working. 
2. Bank interface may malfunction, merchant could try again later. Merchant can also call our services hotline 95192 for further assistance. 

What is the CUP DNA Mobile Payment?
DNA Mobile Payment is the standard of China Unionpay's first generation of mobile payment platform which supports payment of services for merchants over all mobile operators. DNA Mobile Payment is offered jointly by CUP and the Company and is the latest innovative payment method under the brand of CUP. 

Why DNA Mobile Payment is secured?  
During processing the transaction, user's transaction information and PIN are transmitted through different channels in a real-time mode which completely avoid any transaction information being intercepted at one point.

Why CUP DNA Mobile Payment is convenient?
After user made purchase order with merchants, user will receive a call from the CUP, then key in the PIN to comfirm payment. User can complete the purchase remotely and instantly by only using mobile phone without swiping a bank card.

How DNA Mobile Payment verifies Cardholde's identity?
Cardholder shall provide the following information for verification: debit card number, registered mobile phone number with card issuer, cardholder name, ID number, ID card registered address, etc.. The card information should be fully verified before payment request is initiated.

DNA Mobile Payment supports credit card payment?
 Coming soon.

What if using a new bank card for payment?  
If cardholder uses new bank card for payment, re-verification of cardholder's identity will be needed. 

Any cost for using CUP DNA Mobile Payment?
User does not need to pay any services fee from the Company.

Website of DNA Payment Mobile platform?
A. Website: http://www.dna-pay.com/  
B. Mobile WAP: http://www.dna-pay.com/wap

The hotline of DNA Mobile Payment service?
Cardholder Customer Services Number: 95192

What to do if pressed a wrong key during making payment? 
Press 【*】 number key to re-enter

Could DNA Mobile Payment be refunded?
Yes. After cardholders and merchant compromise for refund, the merchant will initiate the refund through the DNA Mobile Payment system

Which bank cards DNA mobile payment supports?
Agricultural Bank of China
China Construction Bank
China Merchants Bank
Bank of Communications
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
Shenzhen Development Bank
Industrial Bank Co. Ltd.
Postal Savings Bank of China
Huaxia Bank

What if the phone call is off during keying the PIN?
User could contact the merchants or call to the customer services hotmail DNA Mobile Payment 95192 to see if the transaction is completed.

How to operate when received the SMS verification code?
When customer of Agricultural Bank of China is using our services in the first time, cardholder will receive the 4 digits SMS verification code. Cardholder shall reply the code to our system for verification before initiating the payment request from our system.

What to do if replying the SMS verification code wrongly?
User has 2 chances to reply the code to the system. If replied code does not match with our system, second verification code will be sent. If second verification code is also wrong, the purchase order will be voided and user shall have to make an order with merchant again.

What if the SMS verification code is expired?
The issued SMS verification code will be expired after 15 minutes. If the system has not received any reply after 15 minutes, such purchase order will be voided and user shall have to make an order with merchant again.

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